Vistas, sunlight and serenity,
all clad in black brick and white oak


A choreography of light, volume and passers-through, Queensway Park’s lobby is a distinguished entry, making an elegant and contemporary statement that showcases the minimalist and design-forward thinking that informs the rest of the building. 

A curtain-wall of floor-to-ceiling glass wraps around the lobby’s two facades, bringing the outside in. To the north, the large windows make the most of the parkside setting. To the west, direct sunlight pours through this windowed facade, bathing the lobby’s airy volume in light from early afternoon until dusk. And inside: a palette of black brick and white oak, with a centerpiece mural of Queensway Park’s magnificent trees.

Complementing the extra-wide, tree-lined walkway that graces your approach from the curb, Queensway Park’s lobby is its welcoming public persona. Impressive but understated, it creates a modern and refined first impression, a serene and beautiful place to greet guests, bump into neighbours or await a ride.