Queensway Park is being developed as a joint venture of Urban Capital, Rosewater and Harbour Equity, in collaboration with industry leading designers RAW Design and PMA Landscape Architecture, with marketing and sales leadership by Marketvision.


Rosewater is a leader in responsible home building and development, and more than just a better home for you and your family. The company strongly believes in a hands-on approach, which is why its professionals are involved in every stage of the building process.

Since 1990, the Rosewater partners have delivered over 2,000 new homes, townhouses and mid-rise condominiums throughout Southern Ontario, including Vaughan, Brampton, Burlington, Ancaster and Whitby, valued at over $500 million. Currently the company has ten development projects underway in the Greater
Toronto Area, including a large number of Beer Store properties in the city itself. Rosewater is developing these properties in joint venture with other established developers, bringing to the table its expertise in approvals and construction oversight, as well as initial site selection.



Harbour Equity is focused on providing equity capital by way of joint ventures to experienced real estate developers across Canada. The company participates in developments on an equity basis and also provides acquisition, development, and financing expertise to augment that of its partners. Queensway Park represents Harbour Equity’s third condominium project with Urban Capital and its 37th development project since 2011.



Recognized by the Ontario Association of Architects in 2009 as the profession’s Best Emerging Practice, RAW design has grown quickly to an office of 30 staff. RAW has undertaken many major new buildings and masterplans in the Toronto area which have become benchmarks of design excellence. Recently much of RAW’s work has focused on mid-rise structures along Toronto’s avenues (such as CUBE, Toronto Urban Design Award winner in 2013). 

RAW is now designing mid-rise structures from Edmonton to Halifax and recognizes their importance in reinvigorating urban neighbourhoods. The company is keen to contribute to the urban culture of our cities and to that end has founded the Winterstations Annual Art installations in the Beach and created public art installations in Washington, Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary.


PMA is an award-winning design studio specializing in landscape architecture and planning projects. Established in 1982, PMA has become known for its professional integrity, creativity, environmental sensitivity and technical knowledge. The studio has extensive experience in small to large-scale projects in both the public and private sector. 

PMA's sole focus is landscape architecture. Its strength and increasingly unique identity lie in the fact that it is not multi-disciplined. The company prides itself on its attention to detail and insistence that its designs get built well. The elegance of its built work is the result of its thorough understanding of the methods and material of landscape construction and excellent working relationships with builders. PMA are landscape architects that do landscape architecture well.



Since 1993, MarketVision Real Estate Corporation has been one of Toronto’s premier real estate sales and marketing firms, with over 25,000 condominium residences sold throughout Canada and the United States. Some of Marketvision’s standout projects include One St. Thomas, The Merchandise Building, Thornwood Condominiums, Smart House and 88 Queen. MarketVision is affiliated with Urbanation, the industry leader for market intelligence in the condominium industry.